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Dennis Rodwell
Architect and Planner
Consultancy Services

Consultancy services are offered to governmental, non-governmental and private clients in the following fields:

Sustainable Cities 

•   Sustainable urban development

•   Holistic, cross-sectoral and inter-disciplinary management

•   Adaptation in response to the challenges of changing climate

•   Urban revitalisation analysis and strategies
•   Housing rehabilitation strategies and implementation 

Project Manager

For all project types: from individual sites to urban management

World Heritage 

•   Preliminary evaluation

•   Tentative list preparation 

•   Nomination dossiers 

•   Management plans 

•   Audits of authenticity and integrity  

•   Monitoring 

•   Periodic reporting

Historic Areas 

•   Character assessments and appraisals 

•   Management plans 

•   Conservation area enhancement strategies and implementation

Historic Buildings and Monuments 

•   Historical research, appraisals and statements of significance 

•   Conservation plans  

•   Adaptive reuse, alterations and conservation interventions  

•   Environmental appraisal and adaptations in response to climate change

Mediation and Advocacy in the Historic Environment 

•   Conflict limitation, avoidance and resolution 

•   Promotion of awareness, understanding, and proactive initiatives 

•   Expert witness statements, appeals and public inquiries


Keynote speaker

•   Rapporteur

Education and Training

•   Designing and leading training courses for graduates and professionals

Research and Publication 

•   For all publication types: from information leaflets, through articles in newspapers and magazines, and papers in journals, to media scripts and books.

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