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Dennis Rodwell
Architect and Planner

Dennis Rodwell is a United Kingdom based senior professional whose career has embraced a complementary range of activities and standard-setting results in related fields of cultural heritage protection, creative reuse, energy efficiency, renewable energies and sustainable development at scales from individual buildings and sites to entire cities and their cultural landscapes. He operates to a standard of excellence that has been recognised by a number of awards. 

For the majority of recent assignments he has in effect been ‘parachuted in’ to frequently unfamiliar locations and situations with minimum prior briefing and tasked to deliver strategies and/or detailed programmes and projects within highly constrained time parameters. For this, he is able to bring strong cross-sector and cross-disciplinary co-ordination and management skills that are results-focused.  

At the forefront of today’s agendas for the sustainable city, he is especially equipped to lead and implement pathfinder programmes and projects that embrace twenty-first century priorities.

His complementary activities have included:

  •  international consultancy;
  •   historic city urban planning and holistic cross-disciplinary management;
  •  heritage site development and management;
  •  architect in local government and private practice;
  •  conservation officer, urban designer, project manager and senior planner in local government;
  •  founding chairman of a charitable trust (NGO);
  •  research and publication; and
  •  education, training and capacity-building. 

In heritage terms the compass has included ancient archaeology, Medieval, Renaissance, Neoclassical, Industrial, Vernacular and Modern. 

In the United Kingdom he has been instrumental in establishing and developing a number of new initiatives and businesses, including the successful implementation of major programmes of housing renewal and the development of landmark town and city centre sites.  

Internationally, much of his work has been focused on cities and programmes that integrate their inherited tangible and intangible cultural heritage values with today’s agendas for sustainable development and climate change.  

His book Conservation and Sustainability in Historic Cities (Blackwell, 2007), allies the established, more limited concepts of architectural and urban conservation with the broader international imperative of sustainability in all of its environmental, social, cultural and economic  complexity. It addresses new ground and is making a valuable contribution to the theory and practice of sustainable urban management and development. 

From September 2012 through August 2016, Dennis Rodwell served as one of the 23 partners from 13 countries in the consortium EFFESUS (Energy Efficiency for EU Historic Districts' Sustainability), see projects.  

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